Firebox Initiative

The Firebox Initiative Inc. was founded by restaurant people for restaurant people.  Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp know what it means to suffer through tough times. When their restaurant, Southern Soul Barbeque, burned down on March 27, 2010 they did not know how they would get through.  They quickly found out that their friends in the community and in the restaurant business would lift them up in their time of need. They have never forgotten that feeling and it is what drives their desire to help others with the Firebox Initiative.

The Firebox Initiative provides grants to employees of our hospitality community in Coastal Georgia.  We help service industry employees who are in financial need because of an illness, accident or natural disaster.  We will also help provide direct grants to restaurant employees who need help paying for funeral arrangements for immediate family members.

We help provide local scholarship opportunities to qualified applicants. For questions about assistance email


How to Help

Firebox is a community initiative.  We have all heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”.  We believe that holds true for all our friends in need. We also believe that giving should be easy.  Whether it be financially, by volunteering, or becoming a member of our Founder’s Circle.